Andrew Garcia

Engineer, Fullstack Developer

specializing in the NERDS stack (Node.js, Express, React, Databases using SQL). Previously, I was working as a control systems engineer in the automotive industry, and have always been passionate about software. In my spare time, I would work on my various side projects and improve my programming skill set. This led to my decision to leave my current position to pursue my passion for coding. I have just completed the Software Engineering program at Fullstack Academy, and currently work as a fellow at the school. I love the challenge of problem solving as well as constantly learning new technologies.

Skills & Education

Proficient: JavaScript, Node.js, Express, React, Redux, Sequelize, HTML5, CSS, ES6, Git / Github,, MATLAB

Knowledgeable: D3.js, Angular, Electron, PostgreSQL, Mocha, Chai, jQuery, SASS

Familiar: SQL, Jest, Gulp, Elm

Interested: Machine Learning, Hadoop, R

M.S. Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Ohio State University

Software Engineering Immersive Program, Fullstack Academy



10,000 ft- 2016-2017

Designer & Fullstack Developer

A single page application built with React and Node. The application tracks coding and fitness activity and allows the user to get a high-level view of their day to see if they have a healthy balance. Graphs are constructed with D3 and layout was designed with Materialize CSS.

Code Huddle- 2017

Fullstack Developer

A single page application for conducting coding interviews. This application features a collaborative coding and whiteboard environment. Built as a capstone project for the Fullstack Academy Software Engineering Immersive program. Developed with Node.js, React, Redux, Express, Sequelize, Mocha, Chai, and As a member of the team, I designed the data flow for Redux between the front and back-end with websockets.

Cubic- 2014-2015

Designer, Front-end Developer & Product Engineer

Co-founder of Cubic LLC. Cubic designed personal electronics accessories and manufactured its products using 3d-printers. Website was designed as a static site.

IC3D Industries- 2016

Designer & Front-end Developer

A static site built to give information about the various industries the client is involved in.

Portfolio Redesign- 2017

Designer & Front-end Developer

Complete redesign of my portfolio site. I wanted to experiment and learn new technologies during this overhaul. I ended up deciding to use Hugo, a HTML template engine, along with Gulp for automation. I also decided not to use a CSS framework and built the grid system and responsive features myself.